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 MSM-Consulting (Global) Ltd - a freelance support service provision underpinned by a distinctive approach to problem solving and proactive facilitation of all emergent operational change & development criteria. 

MSM Consulting will ensure efficient, innovative and cost effective delivery of evolving organisational strategy; working with your incumbent teams to create a robust and practical path to a sustainable future and on-going success...

A bit about me...

My career has been interesting and varied over the last 37 years; focusing predominantly on situational leadership, operational management and delivery of operating excellence across the industrial support service sector - most recently employed as an operations director within a global PLC offering multi-disciplined functions.

Having gained a great number of practical competencies and application of organisational governance, along with more academic theory and applied knowledge, I have set up MSM-Consulting (Global) Ltd to help support businesses who want to efficiently deliver their emerging change strategies, facilitate project management requirements and apply general product & workforce evolution.


Creating new pathways

Thinking differently...

Creating new ideas - delivering your goals...   

Delivering a platform for strategic thinking & reflective practice - a learning organisation...

What we do...

  • Project management & Coordination 
  • Management of change & development (operational, organisational, regional or contractual) 
  • Transition facilitation (leadership, management & review)
  • Enhancement of Client and Organisation relationships
  • Productivity & Efficiency (promotion and maturity)
  • Margin enhancement
  • Dispute resolution (Inc audit review)  
  • Setting up or running down of operations
  • Delivery of QHSE improvement
  • Working through new tender opportunities (content, rates, innovation)
  • Developing teams
  • Making things happen! 


Why not get in touch so we can discuss your ideas...?

Mark McHale



call:      +44 (0)7572 287533

office:   Sheffield 

twitter: @Globalagogogo


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